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Welcome to the Team Page of
BRRRidge City Polar Paddlers

BRRRidge City Polar Paddlers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $11,575.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 150
Members Recruited: 95

Join Bridge City Paddling Club in our efforts to support Special Olympics Oregon!

On February 9th, 2013, the BRRRave paddlers & friends of BCPC will hit the icy cold waters of the Columbia River to raise money for Special Olympics Oregon.

We thank you for your donation!

Your contribution is GREATLY appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$11,575.00  
General Team Donation$150.00  
Eileen Shattuck$95.00  
   Wendy Berg$50.00  
   William Briden$205.00  
   Abby Burnett$70.00  
   Margaret Cahill$50.00  
   Peggy Cahill$50.00  
   Jim Canan$50.00  
   Julie Canan$50.00  
   Mike Canan$50.00  
   William Canan$50.00  
   Molly Cansler$50.00  
   shane case$50.00  
   Nicole Charley$160.00  
   Amanda Davis$75.00  
   Nellie De Los Santos$60.00  
   Mark Dimizio$50.00  
   Eileen Drake$50.00  
   Melissa Ehn$50.00  
   Elizabeth Everman$50.00  
   Heather Fisher$450.00  
   Amy Gallucci$90.00  
   Piper Gallucci$50.00  
   Ellen Garcia$100.00  
   Christi Grove$165.00  
   Jeanne Hains$100.00  
   Melissa Hansen$50.00  
   Steve Hansen$50.00  
   Ellen Hardy$50.00  
   Kelerie Heiser$50.00  
   Dana Hill$20.00  
   Dayna Hill$855.00  
   Precious Hill$50.00  
   Christine Hippeli$250.00  
   pete hoebel$50.00  
   Todd Hudson$295.00  
   Julie Hunter$20.00  
   megan hurley$50.00  
   dawn iwamoto$75.00  
   Jeff Johnson$175.00  
   David Landau$50.00  
   Kimberley Lauman$100.00  
   Stefany Lawrence$0.00  
   Kari Lougeay$50.00  
   Ryan Lougeay$60.00  
   Sara Love$50.00  
   Shelly Lucas$50.00  
   Devin Marche$110.00  
   Nicholas Marson$50.00  
   Roxanne Morrisey$50.00  
   Darla Neese$50.00  
   Dick Norris$50.00  
   Lisa Norris$50.00  
   nicola onnis$50.00  
   Natalie Perrin$90.00  
   Kristen Peterson$135.00  
   Kimberly Pierce$50.00  
   Melissa Porter$90.00  
   Tiffany Prather$0.00  
   Emily Purry$50.00  
   Jamison Purry$55.00  
   Molly Renauer$50.00  
   Elizabeth Roberson$50.00  
   Barbara Robertson$50.00  
   Jason Robertson$50.00  
   Frank Rodriguez$50.00  
   Harvey Rogers$50.00  
   Kate Rogers$50.00  
   Kellen Rogers$50.00  
   Susan Roth$50.00  
   Noa Rubin$200.00  
   Nicholas Sanchez$50.00  
   Leah Schechtman$60.00  
   Nyssa Schulz-Rodriquez$60.00  
   Beverly Scott$50.00  
   Kathy Scott$1,835.00  
   Kiana Scott$50.00  
   Travois Scott$50.00  
   Jeremy Shattuck$65.00  
   Burton Simmons$425.00  
   Linda Steingraber$50.00  
   Marlena Szabo$0.00  
   Kelli Terrill$100.00  
   Sarah Tillery$50.00  
   Julie Toporowski$350.00  
   Sophiea Tyler$100.00  
   Amy Walker$50.00  
   Stevie Walker$50.00  
   Andrew Wall$100.00  
   Lisa Wall$125.00  
   Amy Walsh$50.00  
   David Walsh$1,115.00  
   Jenny Weller$250.00  
   Kevin White$55.00  
   Brandy Zurbano$75.00  

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